Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Bridgewater is a thriving town nestled in the heart of the LaHave River Valley. Known as the “Main Street of the South Shore”, Bridgewater offers numerous amenities including restaurants,accommodations, a traditional main street as well as a bustling mall, banks, regional hospital,parks, museums and recreational facilities.

Bridgewater is a beautiful town of tree lined streets, friendly people, ample amenities, and an unhurried pace.The commercial hub of the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Bridgewater offers outstanding shopping opportunities. Despite its concentration on retail and commercial services, Bridgewater also offers wonderful recreational amenities including a championship golf course, curling club, arena, beautiful beaches only minutes away, playing fields, and a trail system that spans the entire Town. In addition, there are several beautiful parks for those who enjoy more leisurely recreational pursuits. Bridgewater offers an excellent quality of life with a first-rate regional hospital, quality schools, and a low crime rate. Bridgewater boasts a great variety of architectural styles and features, which are generally not noticeable at first glance. Its merchants, entrepreneurs, and professionals created many homes of magnificent construction and craftsmanship.

Development is abundant. Unprecedented amounts of residential and commercial ventures aim to attract and support the population in their golden years. The hospitality sector is also jockeying to get in position for the continued growth of Bridgewater, and renovations,expansions and new construction are a daily activity.

Area Schools:

Bridgewater Elementary School
Park View Education Centre
South Shore District School