Fox Harbour

Fox Harbour Nova Scotia is a Canadian rural community in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, situated on a peninsula extending into the Northumberland Strait. It reportedly received its name from a Captain Fox who stayed there at a point the Seven Years’ War. The community’s primary industries are agriculture, fishing and tourism. Fox Harbour is located on a harbour of the same name; the community of Lower Gulf Shore is to the west and Wallace is to the south. Situated along the spectacular rugged sea coast of the Northumberland Strait and lured away from the sea to sheltered forests, expansive wetlands and deep rocklines lakes, Wallace, Nova Scotia is a picturesque village with a diverse cultural heritage. The remnants of Mi kmaq habitation and the Acadian Dykes are visible reminders of our first Native and European settlers. This fishing and hunting community was then called Remsheg, meaning “ the place between”, in the original Mi kmaq language.

Fox Harb’r Resort During the late 1990s, the entrepreneur Ron Joyce developed an exclusive luxury resort and gated community situated around Cape Cliff on the north side of the peninsula between the community and the Northumberland Strait. Fox Harb’r is almost directly north of Halifax on the shores of the Northumberland Strait, with a vista of Prince Edward Island across the fishing boat-flecked water. Over a square mile in area, the resort’s property goes from one side of gently rolling Smith Point to the other, with vineyards on its south side running down towards a sheltered bay. It’s that bay—Fox Harbour— that gives the resort its name, and that apostrophe is meant to reflect the place’s laid back and friendly feel.

While the resort is mostly sited to take advantage of its ocean setting, on its south side leading down to the sheltered waters of Fox Harbour itself, a nascent vineyard is ready to join Nova Scotia’s growing viticulture sector. Fox Harb’r has partnered with Jost Vineyards, the province’s largest winemaker, to create their own wines once the vines have matured sufficiently in a few years time.

WALLACE BAY NATIONAL WILDLIFE AREA TRAIL – The Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area Trail near Pugwash in the Northumberland Shore region is a 4 km loop trail along diked wetlands, in an important migration and breeding habitat for waterfowl.






WALLACE AREA MUSEUM – The Wallace and Area Museum has approximately four kilometres of trails open to visitors. The museum houses over 6000 artifacts from the DavisonKennedy families, who built the Museum’s heritage home in 1839, and operated a shipyard on the property.



BLUE SEA BEACH PROVINCIAL PARK – Blue Sea Beach Provincial Park is located in Malagash in the Northumberland Shore region. The park offers a beautiful wide, sandy beach and dune system on the Northumberland Strait. Park features include a change house and a small picnic area and short boardwalk to the beach. Birdwatching opportunities.



FOX HARBOUR PROVINCIAL PARK – Fox Harbour Provincial Park is a small, picturesque picnic park on the shore of Fox Harbour in the Northumberland Shore region (4 km (2.5 mi) north of Route 6 at Wallace), with a sandy beach and warm water. Change rooms and vaulted toilets are available.